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when boredom calls

I wish there was a place I could go to help me get out of here

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Copper is a CoonHound and Chief is an Irish Wolfhound.

Our morning on the big red couch 😘

Bilbo wanted to show you guys how smart he is 😊

💗💗💗 3 year anniversary!!!

We look grown up 😍😁 we clearly don’t act like it though.

Yea #bilbo goes everywhere with us #wirefoxterrier #adventure #mall #providence #love

Bilbo adventures

Really? The eleven point turn?

Whelp looks like i'm staying on tumblr for a bit folks. Im suffering from being away from my Hunny b. The love of my life is away for four months at Fort Benning so bare with me. I'm an Army Infantry proud girlfriend! I'm a fan girl as well I love sherlock, doctor who, psych and many more shows.

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